Ladies and Gentlemen,
The power supply challenge we are currently going through is affecting both industrial and domestic activities. And as Ghanaians have been informed already, we are working tirelessly to ensure that we address these challenges sooner than later.
We are making progress in overcoming the power gap. Increasingly power is being fed into the grid and over the last few weeks, at least some 200mw has been fed into the system and we will continue to increase the power that is being fed into the system until the gap is eliminated completely by according to my power minister’s promise, year’s end for which I have put his neck on the block.
I remain committed to my pledge to the people of Ghana that I will work to fix the problem of power supply-deficit and ensure that they don’t occur anytime in the future.

Our long-term strategy for the industry is to make cheaper based load power available for their operations. The ministry of power is accordingly pursuing the introduction of clean coal into our power generation mix.
It is intended that with cheaper power, the industry will be more competitive and that will lead to the creation of more sustainable jobs in furtherance of our agenda for transformation. The availability of cheaper load-based power in huge capacity will eliminate the consequential effects of low water inflows into our hydropower facilities.
We are also aware that under the agenda for transformation industry and business can best be driven by dependable and competitively priced power. This is a prerequisite for the Ghanaian business and industrial sector.
In conclusion, let me once again, congratulate my friend and brother, Kojo Aduhene and Enclave Power Company for the bold step it has taken to participate as a private sector-led company in power distribution here in Ghana. I thank you and may God Bless us all.